Oh Wow, it was right down to the wire, but I managed to get a copy live for the GameJam!

V.1.0 11/5/17
-Combat system re-tuned
-Shop is better organized
-More tips for newbies
-Equips no longer called "Armor" and no longer cause "Death" - Other word changes as well

V.0.6 10/25/17 -Whoa, this is a big one
-All patient floors are working (assuming victory)
-Treating all patients opens up the (incomplete) Testing Tower
-New hidden journal quest added
-Food and Save Crystal now heals
-7th floor now has a quest

V.0.4.65 10/20/17
-Spamaster on the 8th floor is fixed
-Spa is working better
-Outer map tuned up a bit
-More game crashed weeded out

V.0.4.6 10/20/17
-Sound bugs with floor moves fixed, same with shop sounds
-"Liter" changed to "Litter"
-Snowmen can count now

V.0.4.5 10/18/17
-Dialog and images updated
-Secret room and exit added
-Front Room remodeled with stairs fixed
-Some bugs patched

V.0.4 10/16/17
-Patched missing audio
-Added "Testing Tower"
-Student Clinic and access card system

V.0.2 10/6/17
-Engine upgrade from C+ to HTML5!
-Upgraded graphics

Known Bugs:
*fixed- Thank you KS* DONT GO TO THE SPA! lol. There is a dialog bug that causes a loop
*fixed*-The fighter seems to be stuck in some kind of Trainspotting-type loop after taking pain meds 
fixed*-1st floor room has no conflict
*dexif*-7th floor is still a placeholder
*fixed* -8th floor boss does not teleport to spa
*fixed*-Student Clinic has low probability of Advanced Clinic item drop
*fixed*-Purple torches are only placeholders to weblinks
*fixed*-Die Da Jiao is not consumed in use

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Nov 05, 2017

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